Board of Directors

Officers and Executive Committee 

  • Chris Lipsh, President (Local Development Corporations)
  • Dan Stenvold, Past President (Walsh County Mayoral Representative)
  • Jay Skorheim, Vice President (Three Rivers (Walsh County) Soil Conservation District)
  • Lauren Wild, Treasurer (Walsh County Commission)
  • Dawn Mandt, Secretary (ex officio)
  • Cynthia Pic (Grand Forks County Commission)
  • Ken Briese (Pembina County Mayoral Representative)


  • Greg Amundson (Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District)
  • Ray Fegter (Grand Forks County Mayoral Representative)
  • Kristina Halverson (Pembina County Soil Conservation District)
  • Mary Houdek, (Workforce Development)
  • Maynard Loibl (Nelson County Commission)
  • Keith Lund (City of Grand Forks)
  • Nick Rutherford (Pembina County Commission)
  • Korrey Tweed (Nelson County Soil Conservation District)
  • Todd Whitman (Nelson County Mayoral Representative)

Advisory Members

  • Phil Gerla, University of North Dakota
  • Gary Paulson, First United Bank (retired)
  • Mike Dunn, Construction Engineers
  • Shelley Popiel, Walsh County Housing Authority