Communities and  Nonprofits

Infrastructure Funding

Community Development Block Grant Program.

The RRRC provides recommendations for funding of approximately $250,000 annually which is typically divided into three categories including public facilities/removal of architectural barriers, housing, and economic development. The primary beneficiaries of CDBG funding are low and moderate income households. The RRRC delivers the CDBG program in partnership with the ND Department of Commerce Division of Community Services.  A top priority of the RRRC for many years for CDBG funding are water and wastewater projects within the region. Click here for a copy of our 2014 Program Distribution Statement.

For the period 2004 to 2013, the RRRC facilitated xx infrastructure projects with $xxx in CDBG funds which was leveraged with an additional $xxxx in funding.


The ND Department of Commerce Tourism Division offers several grant programs to support tourism development.

Parks and Recreation

The ND Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of grant programs designed to support the further development of parks and recreation opportunities throughout the state.

Foundation Grant Programs