Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

454_3006211-2In the past decade, the Region has been plagued with continuing natural disasters. There have been 12 federally-declared emergencies and disasters during this time. The region’s people, communities, and counties have been implementing recovery projects on an ongoing basis as well as attempting to mitigate future damages by addressing repetitive problems and striving to prevent additional damages.

By seeking FEMA funding, the RRRC assists communities, counties and park districts within the region in buying out homes in flood-prone areas and those in danger of landslide due to eroding stream banks. The RRRC has also assisted in installing emergency sirens as well as installing emergency generators for vital, key infrastructure such as water treatment plants.

In the past decade, the RRRC has assisted with the implementation of 30 mitigation and disaster recovery projects through securing $2.6 million matched with $461,000 in local funds.