What We Do

Moving Ideas to ActionsWe move ideas to actions.  We strive to maintain high professional standard to deliver results for the region’s communities, counties, businesses, landowners, and citizens in the areas of infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement, hazard mitigation and disaster recovery, housing rehabilitation and development, historic preservation, business development, and environmental restoration.  We serve Region IV:  Grand Forks, Nelson, Pembina, and Walsh Counties.

Just how do we do what we do?  We partner with communities, landowners, business owners, entrepreneurs, counties, steering committees, non profit organizations, consultants, local, state, and federal governments, and more to complete projects.  Our role within a project can be one or several roles that generally fall within the following categories:  project development, grant writing, grant management, research, finance packaging, funding development, Davis Bacon Wage Compliance, project management, and financing.

The following is a list of services provided by the RRRC as well as specific, recent examples within the Grafton area of each of the services.

  • Project and Program Development. The RRRC provides assistance to bring an idea to life. Clients include cities, counties, state, business owners, entrepreneurs, landowners that are trying to achieve a goal and need assistance on how to get it done. The RRRC provides guidance, assists with determining feasibility, and outlines steps to be taken to develop a project.
  • Grant Writing and Funding Development. The RRRC maintains ongoing knowledge of county, state, federal, foundation, and private funding sources including funding priorities. The foundation of the grant writing services is maintaining high quality relationships with funders.  The RRRC manages the Community Development Block Grant Program in this region in partnership with the ND Department of Commerce Division of Community Services.  The RRRC also provides gap financing to businesses within the region through its Red River Revolving Loan Fund, Progress Fund, and Community Development Loan Fund.
  • Grant Management. Federal grants, in particular, come with an assortment of requirements that must be successfully met as a condition of the award. These requirements include 504 Self Evaluations, procurement, Davis Bacon Wage Rate compliance, financial management and reporting. The RRRC has a 42 year history of successfully managing federal grants and maintaining strong relationships with federal agencies, leadership, and Congressional delegation.
  • Project and Program Management. The RRRC provides contracted project and program management services. For example, the RRRC manages the Nelson and Pembina County Job Development Authorities as well as the Pembina and Walsh County Historic Preservation Commissions. The scopes of work for these contracts are directed by the individual Boards of Directors and governing bodies. The RRRC manages the organizations, develops projects, seeks funds, and provides day to day services.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy. To successfully serve the region, the RRRC strives to maintain strong strategic partnerships both within the region as well as on state and federal levels. The RRRC is frequently called upon to provide information on northeastern ND and engage as a regional representative.