Who We Are

The Red River Regional Council (RRRC) is one of eight regional planning councils in North Dakota established in 1973 to enhance the ability of local governments to jointly plan, address issues, and seize opportunities that transcend individual boundaries.

We are an independent quasi-governmental consulting group assisting local governments, business owners, homeowners, landowners, healthcare providers, and educational institutions in solving problems, creating holistic solutions, planning, and making dreams come true.

We are assisting in building vibrant communities – one project at a time. We’ve established three primary categories for all of our work. These include:

  • Developing Our Communities by implementing projects which enhance the places we live. We do this by improving public infrastructure, rehabilitating homes for low income households, preserving our history, mitigating disasters, and implementing community improvement projects. We assist people in having quality places to live.
  • Helping Business Thrive by assisting entrepreneurs to enhance and establish businesses. We assist in developing and implementing business plans, financial projections, and financing plans. We assist people in succeeding economically.
  • Preserving Our Environment through reducing natural and human-made pollution by restoring the areas where the land and water meet and improving water quality. We draft grazing and forestry plans, stabilize riverbanks, and advocate responsible management of riparian areas. We assist people in having high quality water for drinking and recreation.