Pembina County Job Development Authority

The Pembina County JDA, was one of the first county JDAs in North Dakota. The RRRC provides contracted
professional services to the Pembina County JDA, which is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets on a bi-monthly basis in rotating locations throughout Pembina County.

pembinacountyThe Pembina County JDA explores new business development opportunities, supports local community development efforts, and provides financial and technical assistance to develop and implement development projects. Often, the JDA will provide low-interest loans for local match to projects utilizing the Bank of North Dakota’s PACE program – an interest rate buy down program which reduces a borrower’s interest by up to five percentage points.

Current members of the Board of Directors effective February 1, 2019 includes:

  • Chuck Thacker, Chair
  • Charlie Wellman, Vice Chair
  • Kathy Stremick, Treasurer
  • Rep. Charles Damschen
  • Kristina Halverson
  • Commissioner Jim Benjaminson
  • Commissioner Hugh Ralston
  • Myrna Styles
  • Lisa Hall
  • Ron Storey
  • Lacey Hinkle
  • Dawn van der Lith
  • Ardis Olson
  • Nathan Green
  • Elton Heuchert
  • Charles Hart
  • Tim Higdem

Pembina County Plan 01-13-15

Pembina County Strategic Plan Implementation Workbook 1 13 15