The Red River Regional Council (RRRC) is one of eight regional planning councils in North Dakota established in 1973 to enhance the ability of local governments to jointly plan, address issues, and seize opportunities that transcend individual boundaries.

We are an independent quasi-governmental consulting group assisting local governments, business owners, homeowners, landowners, healthcare providers, and educational institutions in solving problems, creating holistic solutions, planning, and making dreams come true.

We are assisting in building vibrant communities – one project at a time.

Board of Directors

Officers and Executive Committee 

  • Chris Lipsh, President (Local Development Corporations)
  • Cynthia Pic, Vice President (Grand Forks County Commission)
  • Mike Dunn, Treasurer (Construction Engineers)
  • Dawn Mandt, Secretary
  • Dan Stenvold, Past President
  • Barry Wilfahrt (The Chamber of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks)


  • Steve Forde (Nelson County Commission)
  • Lacey Hinkle (Pembina County Mayoral Representative)
  • Gerald Uglem (Grand Forks County Mayoral Representative)
  • Todd Whitman (Nelson County Mayoral Representative)
  • Korrey Tweed (Nelson County Soil Conservation District)
  • Bret Weber (City of Grand Forks)
  • Mary Houdek (Job Service ND)
  • Ernie Barta (Walsh County Commission)
  • Nick Rutherford (Pembina County Commission)
  • Michael Helt (Private Sector/First United Bank)

Advisory Member

  • Shelley Popiel, Walsh County Housing Authority